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Pool - by JiHyeon Lee -

Tue, 06/19/2018 - 5:43pm by -alex-

Cover art.  Picture of a young boy with swim goggles, surounded by fish.Join two young people on a magical adventure deep under the surface of their neighborhood swimming pool. Fish and sea creatures await them when they dive deep, deep under the kicking feet and raucous noise of the crowd bobbing on the pool's surface. They meet aquatic friends (both big and small) as they explore their elaborate fantasy world together.

Entitled simply Pool, this stunning picture book tells its story in pictures alone. Artist JiHyeon Lee's delicate, expressive illustrations carry the reader through in a way that anyone with sight can understand, regardless of age, literacy, or language spoken.

Check out this link to Picturebook Makers for an interview with JiHyeon Lee, and for a truly fantastic look at her storyboards, initial sketches, and other preparatory work for this book.

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