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Arsenic Attire

Way back in the day, a bright, fun, new pigment was created called Scheele's Green. Then in 1814, Scheele's Green got an upgrade and evolved into what we call emerald green or Paris green. It was NEW! It was EXCITING! It was POISON!? That's right, POISON. For your first clue, figure out what year Scheele's Green was introduced and search for the number in the catalog!

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Are we supposed to enter the answers? Like 1775? Or do we look for a game code somewhere in one of the libraries?

You search for the answers in the online catalog (so type "1775" in the library search bar), then click on each title of the search results until you find the code! the code will be in a read box within the item page. I hope that helps!


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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