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Zingermans Deli Bear Where

Take a trip to Kerrytown in Ann Arbor and visit Zingerman's Deli at 422 Detroit Street Ann Arbor, MI. You want to locate a small and beary fun installation with a gamecode included! It's in the Deli window and it's not large at all - the box is 7 x 10 inches - so look closely! It will be in the window and viewable 24/7! You may as well visit during opening hours (7AM-10PM, 7 Days a week) and earn the Tasting Passport Badge while you're there!

Zingermans Deli

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Go to Zingerman's Deli in downtown Ann Arbor (Kerrytown area). Look for a box that is 7 x 10 inches. That box contains a summer game code. If you are not really careful, you will hurry right by it.

Is it in the Deli window or the Next Door window?—-I couldn’t find it in the Deli window and was told it is in the Next Door window (couldn’t find it there either). Newbie to the area & my first time to the Deli, so delicious eats, even if I missed the code :-) !

Oh, Erin GM is sooo nice. She almost always says Thanks for playing. We are at Zingerman’s now, after missing out on the taste event. We were just a little too late with the big crowd. But, we used our 20% off coupon already! Thanks, aadl.
Tom and Lat

Tastings was great experience for us! Thanks, Zingerman and super thanks to aadl!


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