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Music Goes Round and Round

History may be cyclical, but the history of recorded music is circular.  It's true: phonograph cylinders, records, the spinning reels on cassettes, even the clickwheel on the first iPods!  Let's take a look around the start of recorded sound and see if we can avoid going around in circles.  We'll start with the first guy to record (and be able to play back) sound: Thomas Edison.  A French inventor named Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville had managed to create a visual representation of sound with his phonautograph in 1857, but there was no way to listen to it again--until 2008 when scientists at the Berkeley Lab figured out how to convert one of the phonautograms into a digital file and we actually heard the oldest recorded sound in existence, the inventor himself singing "Au clair de la lune" in 1860.  But Edison tends to get credit because what good was just recording sound if you couldn't play it back?  Edison created a cylinder on which a stylus that went up and down with the sounds it heard would emboss little hills into the groove of the cylinder.  Figure out what Edison put around his cylinder to record for the first time.

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Google "first commercial vinyl record" and you'll have a 2 word name (an opera). Type that into catalog search. Look for a CD with Russian in the name. Hope this helps!

The key word here is Google. If you use Safari, you will never find it. Seriously, I spent more than a half an hour and came up with a number of answers, none of which were the one A2 Library chose.

didn't work for me - i wonder what is in my google search history that gives me such vastly different results? [i eventually found it via hints further down this page]

My brain has absolutely melted trying to find the last clue. I googled "first commercial vinyl record," looked through the results on the first page, added "opera" ... nothing! The closest I found to an early opera recording is Verdi's Ernani, but I had no luck with that (and I don't think it fit the parameters)... If I could get some help, I'd be so, so grateful!

I've just updated the hint royally for the last clue for those who are having trouble. Try the wikipedia page for the phonograph!

I'm stuck on the 4th clue. Have tried searching several different things but can't seem to figure it out.

I'm so confused with the last clue, I don't know what I'm looking for any more. La Boheme? not Russian. can't find anything on wikipiedia phonograph page at all though I've gone through it and gone through it. My brain won't take it any more.

If you're still having problems with the last clue, make sure you are reading the Wikipedia article listed in the hint and not the article for "phonograph record". It makes a HUGE difference. :)

Even with the new hint and looking at all the comments here I don't get the third clue at all. I can only find one wiki article and it has around thirty different sections in it. I have found one or two sentences about WW2, but nothing there on a specific two word Opera. Google only points me to this same wiki article.

Yeah that's the wiki I have been looking at for the last two days lol. Thank you though for giving me the hint about looking for those words, I used the find word feature for the word commercial and finally found it. That was a very difficult badge.

This was a tough one. But, as always, the codes made me smile. A2SG staff - you're so 'pun'-ny'!

Thank you to all the helpful Summer Game folks! This was extremely hard, and your clues were the only way I figured it out.


★★★☆ 3 of out 4 difficulty

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