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Meet Kiki!

She's orange! She's striped! She spends most of her time hanging out in the Red Cave! She's KIKI! Kiki grew up in a small town in Northern Michigan. She was always a shy girl, keeping to herself and not very connected to anyone around her. But that all changed the day she met Jared (we'll formally introduce to him later this summer). From the moment they met, Kiki and Jared became very good friends (maybe even BEST FRIENDS). Once Kiki broke down her inner walls to let Jared in, he got to see what a fun, creative, and cheerful girl she really is. When Jared went to private school and Kiki stayed in public, they ended up losing touch....That is until they met once more at AADL and it was like they were never apart. For your first code, look for "Jared" in the catalog and see what you can find!

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