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Bye Bye Byzantine

Get ready for a real doozy this week, folks. Remember the Roman Empire from last week? Well, I may have glossed over...several parts of history, but particularly this one time in the 5th century when some emperor split it up into two pieces (East and West, which means that rivalry is old as the hills, yeah?). The Western half didn’t fare so well, as you might recall, but the EASTERN half went on to become what we know as the Byzantine Empire. You might have heard of this one, these folks were the most powerful economic, cultural, and military power in Europe at the time, and it outlasted its Western half by roughly ONE THOUSAND YEARS. At the height of its power, the empire almost completely circled the Mediterranean Sea. We’ve got a REAL powerhouse on our hands. We’re going to start at the ending, so to speak. You’ll find your code by figuring out the group of people (who ended up establishing an empire of their own) that felled the Byzantine Empire once and for all in 1453, and then searching for that empire in the catalog.

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I thought this one was easier than the Scar-Spangled Banner which is a two star badge. This was still really fun though!!

me too


★★★☆ 3 of out 4 difficulty

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