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Michigan ZoomIn

Hey, citizen scientist! Yes, you! We need your help to improve our understanding about distribution, behavior, and ecology of wildlife in Michigan. Help us with some classifications of animals and you'll find a few codes along the way. University of Michigan research teams have placed cameras at a few sites throughout Michigan. Find out how you can look at these images and help out by identifying the animals that you see.

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I'm not seeing a different code for the 'Get Started' part. I did that without noticing the code. I've re-done it a few times and still the same code in the banner (that I've already entered). ???

The second code is in the tutorial for Michigan ZoomIn. If it doesn't pop up for you when you click "Get Started," look for the "Tutorial" button next to "Task" above the list of animals.

I've decided to quit the summer game and focus on identifying nature cam photos from now on. 😂
This is great. Thanks for promoting it!

what was the first code, i got *****wolf*, what was the second code ?
*[please don't include full codes in your comments. thanks! aadl summer game crew]

Thank you for introducing me to this! I've seen a million deer & raccoons, but also a coyote & fox! I'll have to bookmark this :)


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