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Imagine, for a second, that you are the queen of England.  Not the current one, I mean, but Elizabeth I.  Some dudes have found out there's a whole other half to the world.  You want it and all that it has, strictly for exploitation and enriching of the homeland purposes (and maybe to help pay for the war you are trying to start with Spain for reasons).  How do you go about laying claim to such a place, particularly one where, it should be mentioned, at least 7 million (and possibly as many as 18 million) people already live and have done for several centuries?  The answer, of course, is squatting--sorry, I meant to say COLONIZATION.  The great nations of Europe had already proven that squatter's rights and the possession of guns was all it took to wrest control from unsuspecting native peoples in other parts of the globe, so Elizabeth went about finding someone to set up a colony in this New World to get a foothold.  They started with Newfoundland, but it was too cold to get a year-round colony going there.  Thinking someplace warmer might work, she gave a charter to Sir Walter Raleigh, one of her most trusted oppressors of native people, to start up a colony in Virginia.  Figure out the name of this colony to start off!

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Clue #4: still not working for me. I tried using only her last name. A bunch of romance novels popped up in the catalog, but no game code.

For second clue the name of offficer is clue or we suppose to search his name in catelog? both not working for me.

Can someone please help with the second one? Based on the hints in the comments and description, I think I've found who it is, but I can't find where the clue is when I search in the catalog. Help and/or hints??

I think I know the name of the lost colony (clue #1), but none of the permutations I've tried entering is recognized. Any advice?


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