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County Farm Adventure

Welcome to County Farm Park!  It’s located at 2230 Platt Rd.  You will want to park in the lot off of Platt Rd – there is plenty of free parking. If the lot happens to full you can park at the Recreation Center up the hill and walk over. To find a map and get more information before you visit check out their site.

This badge is not entirely handicapped or stroller accessible. The path is a crushed stone walking path with inclines and declines and an uneven surface.

Huge thanks to the Stolerow Family for smithing this badge!

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The clue to find the fifth code says go left, but from looking at the bench, it's going right.
And the clue to find the sixth code wasn't very clear on where the signage is. It's not a sign on a post, but a sign on the railroad ties around the plant beds.

About how far is the walk from start to finish (back to the parking lot)? Trying to decide if my toddler is up to it.

The hint for the second clue says the numbers add up to 100 if you add them sequentially. Unless it's new math, they add up to 800 or 17 - depending on how you add them.

I have no idea how to get the fourth code, I have put in the name and the different titles he had. Nothing is coming up.


★☆☆☆ 1 of out 4 difficulty

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