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No Scare Grizzly Bear

When most people think of a bear they think of a grizzly bear that’s huge and brown - with giant claws and a.. grizzly mood? Maybe? But it turns out Grizzly Bear isn’t really a very scientific description. Turns out it’s just called a North American Brown Bear by scientists and includes several subspecies - such as the Kodiak bear. Search for this bear in the catalog and keep an eye out for trouble!

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For some reason, when I click on the code and it goes through to redeem it, the resulting page doesn't present me with the next clue. Seems to be buggy behavior with this badge, because i just checked the Wheels on the Bus badge and the behavior is 'normal' / as expected. Did this happen to anyone else?

And apologies for being pedantic, but spawn does not quite mean 'have babies'. If you want to simplify the language instead of being biologically precise, you could say 'lay eggs'.


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