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Doll Aboard

It's wintertime in Istanbul. The coldest month of the year. You are a detective in the middle of investigating the theft of a Turkish diamond, when a message arrives: there's another case that needs your immediate attention. Your boss has you booked on the first Overnight Express train out of town.

You arrive at the station at dusk. As you board your train, you can't help but take notes on your surroundings in your notebook. You meet your fellow passengers and all 5 of the train's small staff. You settle in. Night descends. The rumble of the train over the track lulls you to sleep, until..."HELP!" You wake to screams and tears: little Olivia Olive's doll has gone MISSING! The defenseless dolly has been kidnapped. 

You know you've been rushing down the track at high speed for hours, making escape impossible. That means the doll--and her kidnapper--must still be somewhere on this train...

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Find which fact is incorrect, like if Budapest is the capital of Hungary. Once you've identified the incorrect one, find what (for example) the capital of Hungary would be (if Budapest WASN'T the capital), and then search it with who gave you the wrong fact.

I have a bone to pick about continuity. It says that the doll was locked in the trunk, but it also says that it was with the little girl when she went to sleep, and other places. So was it all those places or locked up?!

Second clue- I know who said the incorrect fact and what the correct fact is, but nothing comes up in the catalog search.

I was scratching my head until I realized I was searching for the wrong person (i was searching for person who knew the name of the doll; need to search for person who knows birthday). Once I had that insight I was able to find the catalog item.

a little bit stuck on the last clue. some questions for those who've already gotten this badge: is it the last name of the culprit, the first, or both?

This was my absolute FAVOURITE library badge! I hope there are more like these!

I started this badge and didn't have time to finish and now I am unable to get back to my next unsolved clue. Is there a trick or a time limit to unlocking clues previously solved?

Figure out which two people saw the doll last, according to their statements.

This time keep the "the"s in their names, and write both, with "and" in the middle, in the catalog search field.


Looks like there's a typo in the hint for the 4th one: "Step 2: Search only or the right answer to the incorrect fact." That "or" should be a "for", maybe?



★★★★ 4 of out 4 difficulty

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