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Human Body Theater

Hello there, human! At least I'm assuming that you are a human if you are reading this. But maybe you're a dog who figured out how to use a computer while your human is sleeping. Or a clever cat who rides the bus to the library's computer lab because you love playing the Summer Game. Either way, I bet you'd like to take a closer look at more amazing work by Maris Wicks. This week you won't need your walking shoes—you'll be searching the catalog to find more Maris Wicks inspired clues. She penned the all-singing, all-dancing anatomy extravaganza that is: HUMAN BODY THEATER! And I'm sure that everyone reading this wants to know more about human anatomy!

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For anyone who needed help with the 4th one, just google Probiotic and Germs. There is a box with some info about them. There will be 3 words in bold. One of them is what you search in the catalog.

This is one tough badge. Suggest Googling Nervous system for the one in Act 10. In fact, the internet is your friend on this badge--search, search, search...

I need help with the third clue. I’m pretty sure the technical term for spit is saliva. I have searched that in the catalog and gone through the first three pages...nothing with SCOOP in the title. Is saliva not the word I need to be searching?


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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