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Meet Bob!

You've met Todd, You've met Kiki, but haaaaaaave you met Bob? No? WELL IT'S YOUR LUCKY DAY! Bob is our delightful Map Puffer fish! Bob grew up in the small town of Brundage, TX and never quite fit in. The small town charm had no impact on Bob; he was too big for small towns. From an early age knew he was destined for city life. College was Bob's escape to city life when he left Texas to go to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he majored in photography. College was a weird time for Bob (as it is for many) and he felt unseen in such a big city. He didn't like being a small fish in a big pond, after all. He just felt lost. So after graduation, Bob decided to go to a small city with the big city vibe in hopes of finding a place fit for him and that is what brought him here to Ann Arbor! For your first code, search for "Ann Arbor" in the catalog and see what you find!

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