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Ghost Writers

Writing a bestselling book that establishes your literary reputation may provide some level of immortality, but it doesn't make you immune to DISAPPEARANCES.

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Okay so I think I have the right name for the third clue, but only five items show in the catalog and they don't have a code on them. The first and last name of the person starts with N.

'Le Petit Prince' is my favorite book. How did I miss the fact that Antoine de Saint-Exupery's ID bracelet was found in 1998, which led to (parts of) his plane being recovered? Thanks for bringing me up-to-speed A2SG!


I am not finding the answer to the first clue. I have the director's name and searched in the catalog. I don't see anything with a code.

I'm stuck on the last one! I've seen images of the bracelet, and it's his name and the name of his publishers, neither of whom was a woman. Help??

For the first code, in the description it lists the name as Solomon Northrup, when it should actually be Northup, without the r.
Just wanted to clear that up, thanks!


★★★☆ 3 of out 4 difficulty

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