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Cover Up to Cover Up

It's a quiet day at the bookstore. You are in a comfy corner caught up in a book of true crime when the owner, Mr. Whitepage, comes over to ask for a favor: all 5 of his bookmarks have been borrowed by customers and lost! They're each hidden inside a book somewhere in this store, but looking could take him hours. Could you dust off your detective skills and track them down instead?

Each bookmark has been signed out with a slip, but the book information written down isn't very clear. All you have to do is look at the clues on the borrower's slip to work out what they were reading and search for their book to find the missing marks. 

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This was a nice break from the challenging riddles! I enjoyed it, just surfing the internet for books :)

I really like this series. This type of badge is new this year. Very challenging. Looking forward to more like this!

Can someone PLEASE HELP with the 4th clue?? I completely don't understand, because I have found a book the follows all of the guidelines, but when I search it in the catalog, I guess the library doesn't have the book? I am so confused. Help!!!

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Try finding the year of the earthquake, then find a book published in that year by the proper Bronte sister. The library DOES own the book. It's not the first item on the list tho'. It was down around 7 or 8 on the list for me.

I'm loving this series of badges! :) :) The first couple were like little logic puzzles which I love. :)

Thanks so

I believe I have completed four of five clues but completion of the fourth clue did not take me to the fifth clue and the clues I have completed aren't reflected. Do I need to use a particular browser?


★★★☆ 3 of out 4 difficulty

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