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People Behind the Astronauts

What's better than being an astronaut? NOTHING! UNLESS you have a fear of heights, of the dark, of being in small tight spaces for long periods of time... you get the idea. But guess what!? FORTUNATELY for you and for the astronauts, there are literally thousands of people back here on Earth working for NASA at jobs to support those astronauts. All of them are important jobs, but some will also make you say WHAT??

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Hello AADL staff, I have noticed that there is a typo in clue #4. It says "The forth code is...." but should say "fourth". Thank you and I'd like you to know how awesome this year's game is!

Sorry about the occasional typos. I'm a horrible speller and rely on spell check to save me, but it doesn't work very well in online spreadsheets.

I just don't want people to think that the awesome librarians of the AADL are making the spelling mistakes in this badge series!


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