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As soon as there were records, there were hits.  Let's go to the record books and find some of the biggest hits in the history of recording.  We'll start by figuring out the first record to sell a million copies.  You can still find this song by this artist, even in your local library catalog!

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Well I can’t get started! I have the singer, the aria, the opera it’s from, and can’t find t anywhere! Any hints please?

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OKAY EVERYONE I FINALLY GOT IT. Also after looking through five hundred million entries. I found it just by looking up the composer's last name, and it'll be within the first 20. Phew, what a nightmare.

I found it unclear - the hint says "artist" and that, to me, indicated the artist who sang in the recording. But it's just the composer.

Does anyone have a hint for the 3rd clue? I have found the song and the artist and even the same record in the catalog, but the code is not there. Thanks!


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