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Fri, 07/06/2018 - 10:35am by andrewjmac

Log 50 days of reading, watching, or listening on your My Player page!

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There should be a 75 days logged badge. Anyone can still earn this badge because there is plenty of time left. Is there a reward for people who have been logging since day one?

no, not really. i wouldn't want 75 days. that's too long. plus, there isn't time for 75 days. i guess it fits for you, but not me and some other people...

I wouldn’t want a 75 day one either, not unless they create a function to record more than one day at a time because sometimes I get busy and forget to log my reading points.

If we had the 75 days, then I would have the "I Read, Watched, or listened" to go up to one thousand points per day, ( like last year).

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