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Donald the Asgardian

Let's journey into mystery to learn more about everyone's favorite Avenger—Donald Blake! The brilliant but crippled doctor who runs a private practice in New York. What a super guy! Mild-mannered nurse Jane Foster is always at his side. But, wait. Why did he suddenly go on vacation in Norway, and what's up with that plain walking cane that someone just happened to leave in that cave? Hey! You're not really Donald, YOU'RE THOR! A powerful ancient being who grew up in a magical realm—and one of the founding members of the Avengers! He's pretty awesome. You might even say he's a god. He's strong and nearly immortal. And, with the help of this tool, he can fly! Let's explore AADL's catalog to learn more about Thor!

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I guess it’s not the final clue that won’t come through?! I have clues that start with M, A, L, and F. Please help!


If I may suggest, people with disabilities much prefer the term "people with disabilities" to "crippled." Would the library be willing to change the wording in this badge description to be more inclusive?

Seconded! Especially since it's phrased as "brilliant *but* ______," which implies a contrast between brilliance and physical disability. How about "The brilliant doctor, rarely seen without his walking cane, who runs a private practice in New York..."?


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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