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Murder at Raccoon Ranch Suspect Meet & Greet


Saturday October 27, 2018: 3:00pm to 5:00pm


Downtown Library: 1st Floor Lobby

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Grade 6 - Adult


A dastardly murder has occurred at Raccoon Ranch and it's up to you to help the police figure out whodunnit! Pick up your case file, read the evidence, and form your hypothesis. This is your opportunity to meet the suspects and ask them questions about the events of the night in question. After the questioning, computer stations will be available for submitting your solution to the mystery. Prizes will be awarded to three randomly selected participants who came to the correct conclusion and are present at the event. You won't want to miss a single minute of the suspect questioning, so be sure to arrive on time!

Case files are available at all AADL branches or you can download your case file today. 

Murder at Raccoon Ranch event info



Accordingly to the report, the crime took place on October 13. Yet witnesses such as Mary are being interviewed on October 20 about the events of "last night".

Yes, I noticed that too. Plus the location is sometimes given as Raccoon Ranch, and sometimes as Willow Eaves. Not sure if that's pertinent, or just careless?

Will the transcript of the suspect questioning be available online? We're not able to attend, but would like to solve the mystery!

Hi marialaitan,

Unfortunately we were unable to record this event. We will take this into consideration when thinking about next year!


My guess was Walter. Walter was the only suspect to hesitate to be questioned. He was the only one present in the home not allowed in the Board meeting-- even though Tina was not a Board member, either. Did they suspect Walter of taking money? He claimed to have been sleeping during the time in question (2 AM to 4 AM), then contradicted himself and said he wasn't, and Christina said she ran into him on her way to the kitchen. She ran into Walter at 4 AM. He appeared to be having a "spasm". His hand was cramping from the use of force, perhaps. Was Walter really reading a book for like 7 hours? I doubt it. Walter touched the body, an "excuse" for any fingerprints. Walter touched the 4 items which could have been weapons, an "excuse" for fingerprints. He said the bookends were in the shape of ships. They weren't. More probative: a big deal was made of the body being discovered at 9 AM, in full daylight, when blood would be easily visible. Julia was face down, had blood in her hair and blood on her bathrobe. The bathrobe was white, the better to have color contrast with the blood, only Walter appeared not to notice the blood and thought she just fell, face down. Where would all the blood have come from on her back? The wound was one inch in diameter, exactly the size of the handle of the paperweight. The wound was from a blunt instrument. Nothing else, including the tip of the crystal, would make a one-inch wound that would be blunt. All the suspects had major motives, so I won't go into that. That was my guess. Seems like some people are trying to solve, so I won't say more.