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Spark It Right Here

What do you call the humble, beloved, bioluminescent flyers that grace our gardens, roadsides, and fields with their itty bitty sparkly selves on summer evenings? If you guessed FIREFLIES, YOU'RE RIGHT! And if you guessed LIGHTNING BUGS, YOU'RE STILL RIGHT! That's right, these little spitfires are known by both names. And they get those names from the light that the bugs emit from their lower abdomen.

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I have earned this badge, and received the points for it in my account. However the clues/hints will not unlock for me on this page. Same thing happened with the Bear badge. Luckily I was able to continue with just the clues, and not the hints. Not sure if something is wrong on my end or the library site. I've refreshed the page several times. Even though I've already completed this badge, the clues remain locked for me. Hopefully it will be fixed soon?

Sorry about that! The website was acting up a bit right around when you were having trouble, but should be okay now (and sounds like it's working for you again). We apologize for the blip. Thanks for playing!


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