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Rate 1000 items in the AADL catalog.

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I got the last 100 to get to 500 by rating art prints, based on the images in the catalog description. This is maybe not fully fair, but you could argue that the prints aren't necessarily great representations of the originals, in some cases, so it's sort of in the spirit of art prints. If you see what I mean.

1000 seems nuts.

been playing the summer game since it started in 2011. have never gotten 500 or 1000. i get bored between 200 and 300 and just say "forget it!"

I did it! I'm #20 to get the badge.

I ran out of art prints to rate, so tried someone's trick of scanning through Top Rated somethin's --- in my case, movies. There were enough I'd seen to get my last 25-ish needed.

I just became #30 to get the badge and I only rated things I had actually watched/listened to with my genuine opinion. Rating movies helped as there are often 2-3 versions of the same film (DVD, Blu-ray, Collector's edition), as well as book series, seasons of tv shows, and going through genres of music.

Maybe it's something to aspire to? Rating 1000 is a little over the top for me - I'm content with my 500!


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