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*ALL GONE* AADL Logo Pint Glass

Fri, 07/20/2018 - 11:59am

Now THIS is something special! Sure, water bottles are nice, and sunglasses are handy, but what if you want to drink WATER from a GLASS branded with your FAVORITE LIBRARY'S LOGO? For years, it just wasn't possible. Then it was possible. Then they slowly all got broken, one by one, until none remained. If only you could join a 400-person throng searching for where that bacon smell is coming from or something, and suddenly have a SHINING SOLID SILICA SENSATION ready to hold 16 ounces (That’s 4.7 deciliters) of your favorite beverage?

AND NOW YOU CAN! We are delighted to offer this super-useful, super-solid pint glass featuring the understated AADL byte logo, for you to take into your kitchen and USE FOREVER, or UNTIL IT IS BROKEN, whichever comes first! Once you get these in your hands, you'll be more worried about FOREVER than BREAKAGE, because these tumblers are some SERIOUSLY STURDY GLASSWARE! With a heavy base and thick walls, these glasses will get TONS of usage in your house over the next many years and THAT'S NOT EVEN HYPERBOLE! Seriously, we did the math, and you'd only need to fill this glass 500 times to get a TON of usage, assuming you’re drinking things with a density roughly that of water at sea level. (Beverages of unusual density not included.) And if you use them every day (as we know you will) you can get to that TON before SUMMER GAME 2019 even begins! Don’t be stuck with only the ENDLESS PRATTLE OF YOUR HOUSEGUESTS, get yourself a little something to drink! FROM A LIBRARY GLASS!

The AADL Logo Glass Tumbler can be yours for 8,000 Summer Game Points, while supplies last, thanks to our wonderful Friends of the AADL.

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Are these glasses going to be added to the shop in later years? Also, what company makes these? They're so sturdy.

If we still have some left, they may return to the classic shop in future years, but they're going pretty quick! It's a popular item so you can also expect glassware as a regular Summer Game Shop staple. We get these from Underground Printing, but I'm not sure who the manufacturer is. Thanks for asking!

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Summer Game Item

8,000 Points

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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