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Captain Marvelous

Captain Marvel is one of those superhero names that tends to get passed around, so that the name NEVER TRULY DIES. But there’s always one version of each hero that tends to live on in the hearts of fans, and in the case of Captain Marvel that one true soul is Carol Danvers. It took some time for Carol to walk the long and winding road to rockstar superhero. She didn’t start out with any superpowers, for one thing, but that did stop this lady from kicking butt and taking names as an OFFICER in the UNITED STATES MILITARY!  That’s right kids, Carol can run with the best of ‘em. Find out what military force Carol belonged to, and then search for that in the catalog to find your first code.

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Wow the site is having problems. I can’t search for anything in the catalog. Everything comes out as sorry.

Having the same problem as I did in the "Afloat Boat" and "Bombast or Bust" badges.
I answer the first clue in each game. The answers (and points) appear in my "ledger".
But the main page for each game will not proceed to the next second clue.
I have tried refreshing, restarting, logging out, etc.
Seems to be a problem with the site?

I'm really tired of clues to these badges that lead you nowhere. I've tried everything for clue 5, no codes yet.

In case you still haven't gotten it, this one threw me for a second too. If you hover over one of the team names, it'll say something about being Canadian. What threw me is that on the Danvers website the team name was four words, but in actuality (or at least for the code) it's just two words. Try clicking on that team name and the right one will come up.

I have a code on a video for clue 4, and it won't take. It's the only clue I have left to put in. I already put in the correct clue for 5. Can you help me

Can I get some help for the second code? I found the Kree friend's name, ***-****, but I can't tell if I should search for it as one word or two (without the hyphen, of course). Two words nets you a collection of random results in which I found nothing. When I tried it as one word, I accidentally found the code for clue three!

I've gotten this badge but it is still grayed out. My inner completionist is very frustrated by this.


★★★☆ 3 of out 4 difficulty

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