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*ALL GONE* AADL Pinteel Umbrella

Fri, 07/20/2018 - 12:08pm

Summer Rains, make us feel fine… going to the Westgate in my MIIIINNNNNDDD….. Yeah, Millennials and below, ask your parents. And maybe they’ll tell you if you weren’t always losing their UMBRELLAS! Umbrellas have become a SG Shop staple; everybody needs them, they’re small and super-useful, and they PROTEC and can also ATTAC if needed! (There, Millenials, now you can explain that one to your parents.) So, maybe you should get your own Umbrella to hopefully not lose? If only you could use ultraviolet PHOTONS to illuminate part of a word you thought only GOBLINS could see, or something, and suddenly find yourself under the SPREADING CANOPY of a kicky fun RAIN BARRIER!

AND NOW YOU CAN with the amazingly attractive AADL Pinteel Umbrella! With a self-opening mechanism and a ventilated pinwheel canopy to provide relief from embrassing BRELLA INVERSIONS, this 46” wonder folds down to a svelte 17.25” package, complete with its own matching carrying sleeve! This ‘brella is FUN, FEISTY, and FOLDABLE, and it’s ready to keep you dry in a variety of weather situations.. provided you remember to bring it with you!

The AADL Pinteel Umbrella can be yours for 15,000 Summer Game Points, while supplies last, thanks to our wonderful Friends of the AADL.

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There will be new Classic Shop items added to the Classic Section of the the shop every Friday that you can buy with your Classic Shop points. There won't be more new 2018 items, we dropped them all with the shop opening, and they'll be in stock all summer.

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There won't be any new 2019 shop items, we drop all the current year items when the shop opens, and guarantee stock all summer, so everyone can see what they have to choose from, and nobody has to stress. Thanks for asking!

*ALL GONE* AADL Pinteel Umbrella image

Summer Game Item

15,000 Points

Last Day to Order
Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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