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Bluetooth Pocket AAMPS Amp

Fri, 07/20/2018 - 12:11pm

Time for another Summer Game Shop prize we use to RAISE AWARENESS of a new AADL PROGRAM or SERVICE! N in a series of N+1! So, did you know about AAMPS? The Ann Arbor Music & Performance Server? It’s a new project where we pull together streaming & downloadable music, video & audio of local music performances, and even some local history projects from the music world, all under one, super-easy to remember URL:! But don’t you wish you had some useful little items that could help remind you of this service and its super-memorable but still-hard-to-say-out-loud URL? If only you could use electronic music devices to make your own funky or funk-free beats in some sort of a Secret Music Lab or something, and suddenly have a pocket MUSIC MACHINE you can take ANYWHERE with you!

AND NOW YOU CAN with one of our stylish and high-tech Bluetooth Pocket AAMPS AMP!  Measuring just 3” x 3” x 1.5”, featuring a rechargeable internal battery, bluetooth or AUX connectivity, and including a micro-usb charging cable AND a bonus AUX cable, this tiny wonder is just what you need to share your TUNES with those around you… whether they WANT YOU TO or NOT! Plus, it looks like an adorably miniature ruggedized amp, complete with a carrying handle perhaps best suited for the SCURIDAE among us! Can’t you just picture that? Kick out the Jellies, little rodent, we ROCK WITH YOU.

The Bluetooth Pocket AAMPS Amp can be yours for just 10,000 Summer Game Points, while supplies last, thanks to our wonderful Friends of the AADL.

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Could this be used as a speaker for a laptop, so a room full of people could hear the sound?

You can use it with your laptop, but remember it's very small! It fits in your pocket, it may not fill an entire room!

Is there a difference between the summer game 2018 points and the points I have saved up from years prior??

Yes, thanks for asking! You need 2018 points to buy the 2018 items. You can't use classic (previous years) points to buy 2018 items. But every friday we'll drop classic items in the shop you can buy with your classic points. You can spend your 2018 points on classic items too if you want!

It's in the classic shop right now, that's what you're looking at! If it doesn't sell out it will return to the classic shop next year too most likely. I do doubt it will sell out, but we'll see!

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Summer Game Item

10,000 Points

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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