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The Orion Spacecraft is designed to carry humans into space, further than we've ever gone before, on deep-space missions beyond the moon and all the way to MARS!!! Before we get to mars, though, there's a lot of PREP WORK involved. NASA is already testing various aspects of the Orion spacecraft, launch, and safety equipment with more on the way. The next mission that will send the Orion into orbit will be EXPLORATION MISSION- 1. We're going to venture out into the great beyond of the world wide web to find all our codes in this badge. Get ready for launch in 10, 9, 8, 7...

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I am so stuck on the fourth answer. --lbs? pounds? Which number of them? I've tried the listed ones...

Hi there! The image with all the info is here: You're looking for a graphic in the lower left corner than depicts a SET of SCALES. In that graphic you'll find the weight that the SLS will be capable of CARRYING into space (not the thrust). You want to include both the amount (number) and unit of measurement (starts with a T). Hope that helps! Thanks for playing!

the length of time for the mission for code 5 is not working for me! I have tried several different variations

I had some trouble with the last one as well, turns out the mistake I was making was putting an "s" at the end of day. Make sure to type out the words for the numbers followed by the word day, not days.
Visual... " ______andahalfday" where __= the number of days for the mission.
Hope this helps.

Let me throw this hint out there for the 5th code: once you find the answer, just copy and paste it (if possible). This will help avoid making errors. You can then either delete the dashes, or just leave them (technically our system is supposed to remove all spaces and punctuation from any code entry, so even though we encourage you to remove them, it should do it for you).

Thx, A2SG Staff, for these terrific NASA badges. I'm learimg so much. The video was really interesting. I encourage everyone to watch the 8-min video to learn all about Exploration Mission-1!

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Any help for the third clue? I've tried using all 4 words, the first 3 of the 4 words, and the last 3 of the 4 words. None of that works.


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