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Badge Drop #6: Pre-Shop Drop!

Fri, 07/20/2018 - 2:07pm by Sara W

It's SHOP DAY! Not like, right this second, but SOON! It will be GRAND! It will be OPEN! It will be a GRAND OPENING!

Dying to know what to expect in the new and improved Summer Game Shop? Enjoy this handy-dandy post that just happens to be All About the All-New Summer Game Shop!

Please enjoy some fresh-baked BADGES while you wait!

Super Star MasterMega Star MasterGiga Star MasterUltra Star MasterSupreme Star MasterWoolly AwesomeSpark It Right HereMeet Jared!Afloat BoatBombast or BUSTGo Get GutsyCaptain MarvelousMongolian TakeoverSkipped a GrooveOn a MissionRobots & Bears Dance

And don't forget that the Goblin Game is AFOOT! Visit any (or all!) of the branches to take on the challenge and untangle those goblin riddles!

So hang in there, Summer Gamers, the Summer Game Shop is nigh! In the meantime, and always, 



Well, the summer game shop delayed for one whole hour. I even set an alarm to see what is coming on 7pm.

I like the new way to spend points, but can't. When I go to check out, there are two choices -- SummerGame2018 balance and Classic Shop Balance -- BUT there is only a radio button for classic points and no way for me to select this year's balance. Please help!

There is a thing on my scorecard says “geekly intervention”, and it took away 10800 points from me. What is happening??!!

Geekly Interventions are from the moderators. If you have an issue with your account and you're not sure why, send us a message and we'll help clarify it for you!

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