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The Summer Game Shop is NOW OPEN!

Fri, 07/20/2018 - 9:56pm by eli

IT'S FINALLY HERE! The all-new 2018 SUMMER GAME SHOP! We've got 18 items for you this summer, and some big changes to how you spend your points!

1. You need SG2018 points to order the SG2018 items.
2. Each player can order up to 4 2018 items.
3. 2018 items will always be in stock during SG2018.
4. Classic points can be used to order Classic Items, mostly without limits.

If you were hoping for more than 4 items, there will be extras of the 2018 items in the 2019 Classic Shop! And very soon we'll be introducing the REAL MONEY Shop, where you can buy SG Items as gifts (or to keep) with the proceeds going right back into supporting the Summer Game Shop!

Each Monday, right here, we'll announce the following Friday's Classic Shop Drop, which will happen at 7 PM SHARP each Friday, starting July 27, through the end of the game! We hope you love the new items and the new shop. If you'd like to know more about the what and why, check out All About the All-New Summer Game Shop.

Happy Shopping! Let us know if you have any questions, and THANKS FOR PLAYING!


I feel like this is already working. My 12 year old has been waiting for the game shop to open, and we dove in at 8:05 last night. As soon as she saw the Manuscriptor, she put it in her cart (without looking at everything else) because she was afraid it would disappear like favorite things other years. I re-explained how this year worked, reaffirmed that NOTHING will run out, and she joyfully decided to wait until she reads what everything is and how she wants to spend her points at a later time so that she can make a best decision instead of a fastest one. Nice going, SG folks!

Will there be a place, like the youth department downtown, that these items will be on display to see what they look like IRL?

Will they also be displayed at other branches? Last year, there were boxes at Malletts Creek that said they contained Summer Game Shop items, but they were never opened. What was that about?

They are not likely to be on display at the branches. The boxes you may have seen that were labled were likely all of the prizes that players were picking up at the branches - they take up a LOT of space! Thanks for playing! - erin

The blank paper boxes in the Malletts Creek Display Case were simply part of a decorative display promoting Summer Game 2017. However, the boxes didn't say anything about Summer Game Shop Prizes and did not contain any! Thanks for asking!

The first Classic Shop Drop will be announced today and will happen Friday 7/27. You'll see them listed in a separate section of the shop, under the 2018 items, when they drop on Friday! Stay tuned!

This is everything for the SG2018 shop! The Classic shop will have classic items posted each friday, but those are in limited quantities. We decided this year to post all the new items at the opening of the shop so people can choose what they want without worrying about better things coming later. Thanks for asking!

Doesn't it seem like overkill limiting 2018 items to 2018 points AND only allowing four items per player? The four item limit would be enough to ensure items for everyone. My old points are now essentially worthless.

There's a lot more to come in the Classic Shop, new stuff every week. Also prices in the Classic Shop are not fixed, they're responsive to demand, so keep your eyes on that section of the shop!

Just to be clear, if I order a classic shop item does it automatically take the points from my classic points? I don't want it to take away my 2018 points.

Yes, when you order from the classic shop, it will draw from your classic points balance first. 2018 points will only be debited for classic items when you don't have enough classic points. Thanks for asking!

The new messenger bags are the best you've offered (with the big red ones coming in a close second). The umbrella feels nice and sturdy, though it's not compact (and the knob at the top fell off in about 2 seconds of opening it). Good choices this year!

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