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Off The Starboard How

It's a cold and misty day aboard the Seabreeze. You are a detective on a long ship voyage, headed to your next case in a distant country. As you wander the deck, the ship's captain finds you: "Detective! Help! I'm all at sea, and you are just the person to set me straight again!"

The captain explains: One of Ms. Penelope Prune's priceless slip dresses has been destroyed! One moment it was hanging in her cabin closet, and the next several guests spotted it falling into the sea! Ms. Prune is positively piqued about her ruined underpants, and the captain can't calm her down until he has the culprit in custody. You know that your dress thief is stranded at sea with the rest of the guests--all you have to do is find them...

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Tried to start this badge, got the link and then it tells me that I've already gotten that code three days ago. Refreshed the screen and it doesn't show that I've gotten the code at all. :( I have a screen shot if that will help.

I have searched several variations of the Cabin numbers for clue #3, and searched through all of the results I get from the catalog and cannot find anything! What am I doing wrong?

Our catalog seems to be pulling up different results based on the order you put these 3 numbers in. Sorry for this! Putting the three correct numbers in order of lowest to highest with spaces should yield results with a code in them.

Do I write the numbers as numerals (1 2 3 for example) or in letters (one two three)? Is there just a space between the numbers or a comma? Do I search the whole catalog or should I limit it to call numbers?

I wrote the numbers as 1 2 3 (numerals) and just a space in between, no commas or anything. And you can search the whole catalog, you don't need to limit it to call numbers. The code should be in the top 5 results. Hope that helps!!

I love love love this badge series! The commentary is hilarious, the journeys entertaining (and mysteeerious). Please make more of these. And maybe do the "you know who" badge series again next year too. (please :D)

In the second clue, the cabin boy, Nigel Navy says: "I think at the time I was moving some cargo we picked up in the capital of Luanda. I'd never been to Angola before then--what a place!" That's a slight error. Angola isn't the capital of Luanda, Luanda is the capital of Angola! (And, spoiler alert, Angola isn't the right country to search up for the code.)

Your eyes, badge maker, were probably swimming from hours of long and tedious searches to find the perfect obscure country and capital names. Good job! Antananarivo is my favorite so far.

And perhaps, swimming in a sea of copious puns and alliteration about preposterous cabin boys who pinched a peck of pickled...oh, wait, wrong story; a perfectly pretty slip dress in a positively potent pink?

I finished this badge (and love it and the series), but I'm confused about why a slip/slipdress would also be referred to as underpants.


★★★★ 4 of out 4 difficulty

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