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Cirque Du Foul Play

You arrive at the circus on a dry and dusty day. A hot tip has come in that a wanted criminal has been spotted hiding among the circus performers, and you have been tasked with tracking down this disguised delinquent.

This case will be tough. This circus is known for hiring performers with crooked pasts, no questions asked, and you're expecting to find more suspects than you can juggle. A life-long fear of clowns keeps you on edge as you make your way to the Ringmaster's Room. You can tell right away--she doesn't plan to be helpful.

"This is all the help I can give you. If you want the rest of the facts, you'll have to track down my performers and ask 'em yourself." The Ringmaster, Ima Crook, tosses you a dubious dossier with what few scraps of information she's collected on her performers. It appears to have been tampered with.

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★★★★ 4 of out 4 difficulty

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