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All About the first CLASSIC SHOP DROP!

Mon, 07/23/2018 - 5:33pm by eli

Ok, so by now everybody is surely fully aware of all the changes to the way the shop works, and is delighted by the freedom and lack of anxiety therein! RIGHT? So, with the 2018 items in the shop and guaranteed in stock all summer, time to put a little shop stress back in your lives! Because it wouldn't be Summer Game without having to cancel all your Friday Night plans in August, right? RIGHT? Sorta.

So, each Friday Night, up to and including the Game Over Gala on 8/31, we will release some Classic Items you can buy with your classic points. To minimize your frettosity, each Monday we will tell you what's coming in that Friday's Classic Shop Drop.

Now, while there are no limits on Classic Shop Orders, we still ask that you SHARE NICELY with other players as extreme orders may be edited! And some of these items are SUPER RARE, and we'll be posting our final stock, so for most of these items, when they're gone, they're gone!

So, with that, let's tell you about the first CLASSIC SHOP DROP! We know you summer gamers love your bags, so this first drop is some of the greatest hits from the bagware section of Summer Game Shops past, including 100+ units of the Pizza Sketch Messenger bag, the blue Ziptop Fliptop messenger bag, and the Red AXIS Drawstring Sportpack. We've also got about 40 units left of the original 2011 AADL Logo Totebag, on final clearance.

Then, we have something special. Have you ever checked out a STORIES TO GO bag from the library? Have you noticed they all have shiny new bags? HAVE YOU WONDERED WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OLD ONES? Well, wonder no more, because we are proud to offer 78 heavily-used but super-heavy-duty library-grade USED STORIES TO GO BAGS with the AADL logo for your Classic Shopping pleasure! We'll tell you more about them on Friday, but please note that these bags are offered AS-IS and, well, they've seen a lot of hard livin'. They launder beautifully, and they will love to get a second shot at usefulness in your home, but make no mistake: these items are SURVIVORS of PUBLIC SERVICE. Adjust your expectations accordingly!

Stay tuned for the first Classic Shop Drop at 7 PM SHARP (we promise!) This Friday, featuring 5 bags from Summer Games past, and as always.... THANKS FOR PLAYING!


I personally highly recommend the 2011 tote bag! I've been using ours to ferry books since getting them in 2011, and they are still going strong.

I'm going to preface this by saying that I don't have the bag in front of me and I am *really* bad at estimating dimensions. But I reckon it's about as big as my messenger bag, which is roughly 16" x 12" and 1-2" deep. It's along the lines of a canvas tote bag in shape, but it's made out of something more durable. It's also got little mesh pockets on the side!

A request: Could you tell us what other kinds of items will be showing up? Not the details, but at least the title of the collection.

"Bagware" is nice; will there be "Stickers and Buttons", or "Shirts and Hats"?

Sure, thanks for asking! Here's the plan:

7/27: Bagware
8/3: Toys
8/10: Home goods
8/17: Rare Shirts & Hats
8/24: Gadgety Things
8/31: Mostly Writing

Each Classic Shop Drop has 4-6 items, some with stock as high as 200-300 units, some with as few as 20-30. The rarer items will have higher prices! Thanks again for asking!

This is my first year playing Summer game and really enjoying it! I just want to clear my doubt, so we can use 2018 points to get items from 2018 list but can Not use 2018 points for 2018 classic store right? I am planning to get some items from 2018 list but its really difficult to redeem all those points and give away the rank on leaderboard :D Thank you so much for arranging 2018 summer game.

That's right. The Leaderboard shows how many points people have earned, it does not go down when you spend points. And you can spend 2018 points in the classic shop if you want, you just might want to be sure you have enough 2018 points to get the 2018 items you want!

I thought so, too, but you might want to take a look at the leaderboard currently. You'll notice that some of the former top players now seem to have far fewer points than they did before, which implies that their ranking is being changed based on buying at the store. So, maybe a glitch in the current leaderboard.

Yay, thanks so much! You guys have done an awesome job re-designing the game points this summer and with the shop!

My most wanted item that I missed: the umbrella with the clouds on the inside. Sigh. Maybe I'll get a second chance. Such excitement and anticipation.

Thanks so much, sdunav! We'd love to offer the clouds-on-the-inside umbrella again, but we are totally out of them, and we haven't found any suppliers that can provide it. So sorry, it was a great item!

Question-my son is obsessed with the yellow egg in the display case at Westgate (he’s 3). I don’t think he cares about getting anything else but that egg. Lol
In years past, things in the display case have been in the shop. Are you going to sell the yellow egg? It would be nice to prepare him. Thanks 😃

Is it possible to get a point price range of the items that will be in the classic shop tomorrow? Also, when will the real $ shop drop?

You all are awesome and this game has challenged me to see all of AAs amazing libraries. I mean one even has a rocket in the middle of it!

The Real Money Shop is now open! You'll find a link to it on your player page if you've earned at least 2000 SG2018 points. And today's Classic Shop Drop will include items priced from 10,000 - 50,000 points. Thanks for playing!

All the items in the gameshop are amazing, and how wonderful that we get to spend points for real stuff! Thanks again AADL!!

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