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*ALL GONE* Completely Circulated Stories-To-Go Tote Bags

Tue, 07/24/2018 - 9:44am

You know ALL those times that you took home one of our wonderful STORIES-TO-GO or BOOK-CLUBS-TO-GO and thought “hmm, this is a REALLY NICE BAG, I wonder if I can get one?” Well, now you can!

Yes, fresh from the DANK RECESSES of the DOWNTOWN LIBRARY DUNGEON (yes, it is actually called that), we're proud to offer these SURVIVORS of PUBLIC SERVICE. Every single one of these bags has seen YEARS of service to the community, and, well... IT SHOWS.

These bags are SUPER STURDY, with a heavy-duty zipper closure, thick canvas handles, and a wonderfully OLD SCHOOL AADL Logo, but be aware that these are available AS IS, and the way they is could be described as, uh, GROSS.

Nothing a good wash won't improve, but be forewarned, these items are not for the SQUEAMISH. These bags have seen a lot of action, and they're ready for a lot more, but if you're looking for a PRISTINE, SPOTLESS addition to your Summer Game collection... this is not that. (Mysterious Hair IS included.)

The Completely Circulated Stories-To-Go Canvas Tote Bag can be yours for just 25,000 Summer Game Points, while supplies last. Limit one per household, please.

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just picked mine up. no it is not supper nice looking but i like that fact! i got it for the kids toy bag for on vacation, so who cares if it gets even more used looking.

Picked up my bag over the weekend. Soaked and washed, dried in the sun - and good as new!
No holes, ripped stitching - just a few spots that mostly came out. Super sturdy bag!
Thank you AADL and Friends.

I got mine today. That “mysterious hair” was indeed in there! Somebody must have made sure each tote bag had at least 1 mysterious hair in it 😀 It is in great shape. Washed it and look like new.

*ALL GONE* Completely Circulated Stories-To-Go Tote Bags image

Summer Game Item

25,000 Points

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