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*CLOSEOUT* The Carolyn Nowak Sketch Messenger

Tue, 07/24/2018 - 9:54am

The Third Dimension. Can we all agree it's over-rated? Like our old pal A. Square would have said if he wasn't merely a victorian literary device, FLAT is WHERE IT'S AT! You know those Victorians, they loved to end sentences prepositions with. BUT YOU'VE GOT STUFF, and you need a place to carry that stuff, but all your stuff is 3-dimensional, and wouldn't it be better without ALL THAT DEPTH?

Well has the Summer Game Shop got an item for you. Our shiny new SKETCH MESSENGERS are the TWO DIMENSIONAL ANSWER to your THREE DIMENSIONAL DREAMS! It's a bag that actually exists in all three dimensions AT ONCE, but magically appears to be a FLAT TWO DIMENSIONAL OBJECT, complete with HEAVY, CARTOONISH OUTLINES, and an implied VANISHING POINT! (Vanishing Point not included. AADL is not responsible for your loss of perspective)

When we found this amazing bag, we knew the best thing to do would be to task 4 AMAZING ARTISTS with interpreting the AADL LOGO into this bizarre HYBRID OF DIMENSIONALITY, and this bag features the artwork of local cartoonist and illustrator CAROLYN NOWAK! Carolyn recently illustrated issues of the smash awesomeness that is LUMBERJANES, and even did artwork for the Summer Game BACK WHEN IT WAS A WIDDLE BABY!

The Sketch messenger bag features multiple zipper pockets, a velcro closure, and a clever zippered gusset across the bottom that allows it to expand... INTO THE THIRD DIMENSION!

The Carolyn Nowak Sketch Messenger is available for 5,000 Summer Game Points while supplies last, thanks to the Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library.

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I want to get this, but I don’t have enough for 20000 points. So it 10000 or 20000? Please respond before this goes out of stock! Thanks!

I have a question, I only ordered classic items, but it says that my classic balance and total balance is negative points, but I didn’t spend more than my total points. What happened and what should I do? Please respond!

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