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Meet Julie!

What is there to say about Julie other than she is the sweetest and kindest fish you will ever talk to... that is IF you ever get to talk to her! While she is sweet and kind, she is also INCREDIBLY SHY! She has been her whole life, ever since she was a teeny tiny fish. I suspect that Julie felt immense pressure as a child to always be the class clown, since she is a CLOWNFISH after all, but that's just not who she is. And don't even get her started on all the pressure from "Finding Nemo"! Speaking of, find "Finding Nemo" in the catalog for your first code!

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the first code is not registering in the badge. anyone who has done this badge has not gotten credit for completing it. plz fix.

Fun badge series! Makes me look at the downtown fish a little differently! (and, yes I know it's all made up fun!)


★☆☆☆ 1 of out 4 difficulty

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