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Carrying a Tune

Recorded music naturally had a huge impact on listeners, allowing people to hear things they never otherwise would have.  But it didn't just impact listeners, it actually impacted music itself just as much.  For this badge we'll track one…track to see the impact it had: an impact it never could have had were it not for recording.  

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Can anyone help on the third code? I know the composer and song (and what ballet it is from). But no code appears in search results for a recording of that song.

“HINT: Really? How many ad campaigns for beef in the 1990s with Aaron Copland music in the background are there that you need more information?”

How about when you clearly know the answer, type it in and still can’t find the code, so you click on the hint to try and figure out why. Apparently searching for the slogan requires searching for exactness, apostrophes and all.


★★★☆ 3 of out 4 difficulty

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