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NASA Turns 60

Happy Birthday, NASA! Or is it Happy Anniversary? Either way, NASA is turning 60! WOOHOO!!! To find these clues, you'll be using your internet searching skills rather than searching the AADL catalog.

This badge series was created by Jennifer German, NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador to Ann Arbor, with help from her daughter Amber.


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The fourth answer is not correct, he stepped on the surface of the moon the following day at 2:56 AM UTC

According to NASA's mission page (see link), it was the 20th at 10:56 p.m. EDT. That is indeed the next day at 2:56AM UTC, but as a NASA / JPL Solar System Ambassador I agreed that my SSA engagements with the public would use the information NASA gives out.

Thank you for wanting these badges to be accurate!

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