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Unfortunate Umayyad

We’ve got another dynasty this week! It’s the Umayyad Caliphate, the second of four caliphates established after the death of Muhammed. The Umayyad family ruled from 661 to 750, and made a huge push to expand the empire. At its height, the empire stretched from the Iberian Peninsula, down into Northern Africa, and across modern-day Iran. All that happened under the leadership of the Umayyad family! This is one of the largest empires in history, beating out the Roman Empire in area and population. The Umayyads moved the capital of the Muslim empire to be more centrally located. Search for the capital of this caliphate in the catalog to find your first code!

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The name of the capital city needs to be searched in the catalog in order to find the code. The city is NOT the code.

I am having trouble with the first code. I have the capital city, but when I search it in the catalog, I can't find anything. Any clues? Thanks!

Having trouble with the second clue. I found this but it doesn't seem to be the code?
"These were the first coins minted by a Muslim government in history. Gold coins were called dinars while silver coins were called dirhams." ???


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