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Linguist Sticks

Here's a badge designed by a player that will take you around the world and through several languages!

Huge Thanks to player MBee for smithing this badge!

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Found it, I’m not so sure I’d consider this to be a level 2 difficulty, as I’ve had to search on a search on a search to get the right words to look up in the catalog.

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What I did is I searched 'two small islands sheep and hobbits' and then clicked on the third result, which is an article. In the article it mentions a country. Search that in the catalog with the word bone and you should find what you're looking for!

i ended up just searching the country and looked for a book that had a bird in the title. after finding it, realized i had been staring at the correct species of waterfowl for awhile.

Now stuck on 5th! Can't figure out the phrase. The one I thought The family that P....s t.......r stays t.....r is not working and what does caps clue mean?

I got the correct code in, but the system (under the badge) still said No, and didn't let me see the other clues...weird...can someone please take a look?

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