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Classic Shop Drop #1: BAGWARE!

Fri, 07/27/2018 - 7:00pm by eli

ATTENTION SUMMER GAME SHOPPERS! You've all sampled the delights of the 2018 Summer Game Shop, and you're obviously HUNGRY FOR MORE! Well, bad news, because none of the items in tonight's CLASSIC SHOP DROP are actually edible! At least, we don't recommend it. In fact, none of the items in any of the upcoming Classic Shop Drops are edible. BUT YOU'D HARDLY KNOW IT to look at these DELICIOUS CLASSIC BAGS:

2011 Square Tote BagRed AXIS Sport SackZiptop Fliptop Messenger Bag - BlueCarolyn Nowak Sketch MessengerAADL Used Canvas Tote

And starting RIGHT NOW you can buy them in the Classic Items Section of the Summer Game Shop, while supplies last! These are our final stock of these items, so there's not a lot of SUPPLY but plenty of DEMAND and you know what that means! But with all your CLASSIC POINTS from years gone by, you're in a good position to PICK A BAG and GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE!

PLUS! Don't miss taking a look at the all-new REAL MONEY SHOP! If you've earned at least 2000 points, you'll find the password and link to the Real Money Shop on your player page.  Items purchased in the Real Money Shop can be shipped anywhere in the US for FREE, and all proceeds from the REAL MONEY SHOP go directly into supporting the SUMMER GAME, so don't be shy, and buy ALL YOUR RELATIVES who you've always tried to get into the summer game some AMAZING GIFTS and they'll be speaking SUMMERGAMESE before you know it!

Come back Monday for details about next Friday's CLASSIC SHOP DROP, which is all about TOYS! And of course... THANKS FOR PLAYING!


I'm really interested in the "Books to go" bags, but not for 25,000 points especially with how awful the description makes them sound....

Dear Summer Game Staff,
I'm getting a little frustrated with someone deleting my perfectly legitimate reviews. Is there some kind of rule that one cannot review both the dvd and the bluray of the same film? After all, it is the exact same film and I didn't originally watch most of the movies in either format anyway (digital, most likely). Please stop deleting my sincere and thought-out contributions. And it hasn't only been those kind of reviews of mine that have been deleted. It's taking the fun out of the summer game and making me want to stop contributing all together.


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