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Welcome back, fashionistas! If you thought that walking in STILETTOS was hard, then the (up to) 20-inches-tall CHOPINES will have you shaking in your BOOTS. Chopines were popularly worn by Venetian women from around 1400-1700. These tall shoes were originally invented to help women walk through muddy streets, but took a turn for the SILLY when the practicality of chopines entered into the realm of FASHION. Like most historically fashion trends, the bigger the better. Resulting in chopines that were 20 INCHES TALL. And I thought 3 inch heels were rough...

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I can't find the answer to the second clue. I've tried with quotes. I've tried without quotes. I've tried numerals, and spelled out numbers. I've seen in my research both whole and partial numbers. What do I do?!

Ah! There was a problem with the record but it should be fixed now! Sorry about that! Look for a WHOLE NUMBER, use the NUMERAL (not spelled out).

Let me know if you still can't get it and THANKS FOR PLAYING!

Wiki says: In 1430, the height of chopines was limited by Venetian law to three inches, but this regulation was widely ignored.

But 3 inches is not the right code. Huh?

I've tried "3 inches", but it only has 1 result, and that result didn't have code.... I felt the new website has something wrong with searching engine. For example, I search "choking", and it showed the result of "cooking". I search "smother", and it showed the result of "mother"

has anyone figured out the non-existant code for the fourth clue? I've looked up the address and museo correr is not the code.


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