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Beary Tasty

Okay, okay. I know we're supposed to be talking about REAL bears, but these bears are REAL delicious so it's CLOSE ENOUGH!

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For me I should have redeemed the third code but it won't give me the next clue or tell me that I received it.

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In the Summer Games 2018 the same answer is used twice ...
August 14, 2018, 1:16 pm Game Code: DOESNT.... Silky work game player! Congratulations you found the Thomas Rockwell classic! 30

It said the 3rd and 4th codes were accepted and redeemed - but computer is not actually logging it.

I get it. I typed in "worms" and found a clue - that clue was for the worms badge. This diverted me to the next clue in the worms badge. So, keep looking in "worms" because it is further down. That will unlock your 4th clue to the gummy bear badge.

I got the codes and the clues for all 4- but That isn’t reflected on this page (only the first 2)


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