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Lang Story Short

We've tackled so many of the giants on the Avengers squad, it's time we gave the little guy his due.  The REALLY little guy: Ant-Man!  This superhero can shrink down tiny or get huge at will, which is no small feat!  Let's take a closer look at the biggest little hero in Marvel.

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4th code, putting it in quotes gives me no results. I’m sure I’m searching on the correct name, the one referring to size not insect.

I have searched the internet, and yet I cannot get the Other" superhero name for Hope Van Dyne/Pim. Wasp and ?

For some reason I'm not getting the badge. After answering the last clue, it appears that I had stumbled upon the answer a few weeks ago. I tried deleting the answer for that clue from my ledger, and re-entering the answer. Tried refreshed the page, logging out, etc. - still no badge. My full scoreboard shows answers for all 5 clues, but not the final "badge". There must be a glitch . . . ?

I had the same issue, but then I discovered that there is another code further down the search results that is the code for this badge. The first code you find is for an earlier Avengers badge.

For the second clue, I was a little bit confused about it. And reading the comments, I tried searching Stature, and quotes or not, it didn’t work. If you just google Janet Van Dyne, the name to search will be clear. The clue should be in the top 5 results. Hope that solves any confusion!!

for everyone commenting about the fourth code, the hero name is that word that is similar to statutes and statues, and you will find the code if you put it in quotation marks, it's just pretty low down. keep scrolling!


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