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Supreme Review Master

Submit 1000 reviews on items in the AADL catalog.

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1000 reviews is a REALLY high bar! Won't it encourage quantity over quality? Lots of "Title: good; Review: good" sort of stuff? It's taking me hours and hours AND HOURS to thoughtfully give out stars to so many items, let alone write meaningful reviews.

there has always been a badge for 1000 reviews. it is a very hard task to make quality reviews. i have never achieved it and i don't even try anymore because it is a ridiculous goal.

I do the comment badges and the star badges every year, but this one is beyond my commitment level!

This badge strongly encourages cheating and suggests that Summer Game players who cheat are better than other ones. Here is my idea for numbers of reviews for various badges:

Super Review Master: 10 reviews
Mega Review Master: 25 reviews
Giga Review Master: 50 reviews
Ultra Review Master: 75 reviews
Supreme Review Master: 100 reviews

This might not be perfect, but it is certainly better than allowing people to get thousands of points by typing random characters into every catalog item. Another idea would be to require that an item be in the reviewer’s checkout history in order for them to review it.

In previous years, when there were badges for writing comments, there was a system similar to this, but I don't remember the exact numbers of comments needed for the badges, only that the highest level only required 100 comments, not 1,000.

*Insert sarcasm* Wow, this has got to be the easiest badge in the whole Summer Game!! Thank you so much AADL!


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