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Badge Drop #8: Let's Review!

Fri, 08/03/2018 - 4:45pm by Sara W

What, dear Summer Gamers, has this summer brought us? Let's review!

There's been BUNCHES of badges, PILES of points, prizes of ALL sizes, pun FUN, games with GOBLINS, and LOADS of codes!!! 

It's also brought REAMS of reviews, and next week, it will bring us something new!!!

The Review Reviewer!

This AMAZING tool will allow you - YES, YOU - to rate other players' reviews to help us determine what's HELPFUL and also to weed out the rubbish. Should we REVIEW what makes a review helpful?

Here's some sample reviews of the Summer Game:

A GOOD review:

Title: Summer Game, Heck Yes!

Review: The Summer Game is so great! I like finding codes at the branches but the badges are super fun too!

And now for a RUBBISH review:  

Title: Summer Game

Review: asdf;


Review: go0000d


Review: avocado

Here's the best review advice of all - if you're not sure if your review is good and helpful, just WRITE SOME MORE! More helps!

And now, let's get to those badges!!

Super Review MasterMega Review MasterGiga Review MasterUltra Review MasterSupreme Review MasterBeary TastyAnts Go Marching...EverywhereMeet HelenChopine BlockCoral CorralLang Story ShortWu-thless RulerDisappearing InkThe SCRAPBoxHeroes Without CapesSurf Zingerman's Deli WebTabby of the Whiskervilles

Stay tuned for a SHOP DROP this evening! We'll see you in the comments, and the reviews, and the Review Reviewer (coming next week!), and the libraries, Summer Gamers!

And as always, THANKS FOR PLAYING!!!!!!! 


Since we're talking about reviews, quite a few of my good, thought-out reviews have disappeared, presumably deleted. When I redid the deleted ones, most of them disappeared again. Is there some rule that I'm not aware of that would cause them to be deleted? They were legitimate, multiple-sentence, non-offensive reviews. Some were reviews of a DVD/Bluray where I had already reviewed the first of the DVD/Bluray pair (they were similar but not identical, which would make sense since it was the same movie just in a different format). Others were of single items. The arbitrary deletions have been very frustrating, and have made me reluctant to post any more reviews (I don't want to waste my time).

Hi there, sorry you've felt this way. We did delete some very similar reviews that were posted to multiple items, but we've revised our procedure a bit to avoid that. We also will delete very brief reviews, especially when very similar reviews are being posted to many different items. Not sure if that describes your reviews. Generally, write a little more, and your reviews won't be flagged. We look forward to launching review reviewer and getting all our players involved with moderating reviews! We're sorry you've been frustrated, feel free as always to contact us for more information.

Ooo, review reviewer! That's a fantastic idea. I guess next week, I'll have to put in on my to-dos, to review beaucoup reviews.

Is this the revival of the old "super typer" badges that existed in 2011? I was always hoping they'd make a comeback.

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