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Tabby of the Whiskervilles

Whiskerville is a small coop of condominiums, supposedly haunted by a black Tabby.  Dr. Jane Doortodoor hires Sherlock Holmes to help her after she and her husband bought a unit, only to discover the police turning the condo on the other side of their shared wall into a crime scene.  Holmes is fascinated by pet hauntings, given the success of the Hound of the Baskervilles, and takes the case immediately. Watson is dispatched to the scene of the crime. 

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I am lost, how do you locate codes. I have just entered in random relatable phrases, used the hint provided and searched particular words in the catalog to obtain the clue. Please help!

please disregard my previous comment, I figured it out. Thank you for these that really make me think. Love the brain workouts!!!

Yeah me too! I tried the phrase from the clue as well as the one word term for it, got nowhere

I am totally lost! Found first one but second one I dont understand what I need to search? this is so confusing.

I didn't like this badge. I figured it out but I never really knew if I was on the right track or not.

I have tried everything to find the second code. What am I supposed to search for? uncle, duck, uncle duck?

Need help with clue 2. I also think this should be higher than a one star. One stars I can get done in about 5 minutes, this one I can't even get help for the second clue.

Don't think too much. Search the catalog with Cap words except last one because it hides in plain sight. :)
Have fun!

Excellent! Clues are good, codes are funny, (here's lookin' at you, Code #3), and the story is a fun read.

for those of you stuck on clue # 2,
This clue took me a while to figure out, so I hope this helps someone else. Search for "Duck Dodgers" and keep you eyes out for a DVD. That's where I found the code.


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