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Fri, 08/03/2018 - 7:00pm by eli

It's Friday at 7 PM, and that means another CLASSIC SHOP DROP! We've got a handful of great toys from the DEEP and MEANINGFUL history of the Summer Game Shop for you to spend your CLASSIC SHOP BALANCE on! Plus, items from Classic Shop Drop #1 that are still available have been INCREMENTALLY MARKED DOWN! Whether you draw inferences about future events from this ocurrence is entirely up to you. (Inferences not included.) So, head over to the very bottom of the Summer Game Shop, and GET SHOPPING!



When I bought a 2018 item, points were taken from both classic and 2018. I haven't bought anything from the classic store. Is this supposed to happen?

Your classic shop balance includes your 2018 points, because you can spend 2018 points on classic items if you don't have enough classic points. But no worries; if you order from the classic shop, your points will first be debited from your classic points, and will only spend your 2018 points if you run out of classic points. Hope that helps; thanks for playing!

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