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Riding Shotbun

This week we've cooked up something extra special for you. It's a hot dog... ON WHEELS. It's the Oscar Mayer WIENERMOBILE!!! If you've never been lucky enough to witness this orange and yellow, shined to perfection, hot-dog-shaped and hot-dog-bearing, beacon of advertising-gimmick light appear, AS IF BY MAGIC, before your weary eyes in the middle of a winter blizzard as you leave the office, or after a raging summer downpour that ruined your ice-cream cone eating, then you have one more thing to add to your bucket list of 8,389 things to hope happen to you before your expiration date! Since you are now most likely franticly adding to your bucket list, we're keeping your first clue easy - just search the catalog for hot dogs to find the code!

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And.... the Wienermobile came to Westgate in Feb 2017.
Maybe some of us will see it again.

Thanks, AADL, for all the badges.


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