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Wanda Woman

Wanda Maximoff aka the SCARLET WITCH is one super lady! She is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe and she wears a WIMPLE! Not many realize it, but Scarlet Witch actually has a quite remarkable comics pedigree. She was created by one of the most prolific comic book duos, who also gave us many of our favorite heroes and villains. You’ll recognize the writer from many of his cameos in Marvel movies. Search for the artist half of the team in the catalog to find your first code.

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I got almost all the answers for the badge but screen refreshed and I can’t seethe clue for the hint: getting nowhere with a cd. Can you please help? Thanks!

One of the questions that has haunted Wanda and Pietro throughout their life is the question of their parentage. This question may have arisen more from a miasma of confusion than anything else, since this is another topic that has been retconned several times. These questions center specifically around who the father of the twins is because, well, this is comics and things get complicated. The honest answer seems to depend on the writers’ whims at the moment. Wanda and Pietro have had a couple of famous potential fathers, but the most recent answer may be the most confusing. They two aren’t really mutants at all, instead they were kidnapped by a super villain and used for genetic experiments?! Find the name of the villain that engineered this dastardly plan and the ensuing cover up!

this one?

Ugh! I think this ones not awarding the badge either! Pretty sure I have all 5 codes, but it says I don’t have the last one and no badge :(

Hi! I'm on the last clue and I'm having a bit of trouble finding the code. I'm almost positive I got the villain right. Anyone have any tips?

I am having trouble with clue #4, looked at every teen-age mutant ninja turtles listings has


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