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Test drive an exciting new feature... AND GET POINTS!

Mon, 08/13/2018 - 10:42pm by eli

That's right, we've got a design for an feature that's been a long time coming... and if you give us some feedback on the design, there's points in it for you! And you can make better in the process! Ready?

Start the Notifications Usability Study, complete the 10 missions, and after you submit the questionnaire at the end, you'll get a code worth 1000 points!

And you can put those points towards items from the upcoming CLASSIC SHOP DROP, that will bring a collection of CLASSIC and RARE SHIRTS and HATS! Limited sizes and style available, but there are some seriously CLASSIC and seriously RARE tshirts coming this Friday at 7 PM SHARP!

So, get on that Usability Study, get 1000 Points, and FINISH STRONG! Review Reviewer is right around the corner... so stay tuned, and THANKS FOR PLAYING!

(Note: during the study, if you forget what you're supposed to be doing, you can right click to see your mission again, or skip to the next one! Also, this study is intended for desktop / laptop use; it's not really mobile-friendly, although it will be when we actually implement it.)


I don't think this test works at all. everytime I click on "let's get started" I read the message but have no idea what supposed to be done. Nothing is clickable.

I couldn't get mission 2 (or 3) to work. When I found the drop-down it auto-selected the top option every time instead of letting me select the one i needed to complete :/

It took me the first few missions to get the hang of it and start getting credit. Wish I could do those at the beginning again to find out what I missed.

Why not? I'm pretty sure that almost everyone loved friend codes. They were a great way to earn points. In fact, they were my primary source of points. This year, I have earned under 15,000 points because the Summer Game is no longer worth playing after many of the best features were removed (friend codes, being able to use points from previous years in THIS YEAR's summer game shop, getting points for comments, getting a significant number of points for Read/Watched/Listened activities, etc.). What is the reason for this?

Also, what happened to teams? They were nice, but there was no a way to communicate with other members of the team using AADL's website, unfortunately. I would like them back, maybe with team codes that would work similarly to friend codes but would encourage cooperation between teams instead of competition.

Can't wait to see these shirts! As a first time summer game player - I am curious what they will look like. I am hoping for some of the ones from last year I have heard about with the starburst logo outline instead of all filled in. Yay summer game!

I had trouble with some of the tasks. What happened is that I clicked on a "?" near an event type - a popup appeared, and then nothing else was clickable. Task 4 was where i got stuck. I thought perhaps my adblocker was messing it up so i disabled that, but still encountered problems so maybe the problem is in the testing platform? (Browser back arrow takes me out of testing, but when i went back in it progressed to next task.)

Yeah, it's a maze-style usability test with a mockup where we tried to guess what people would click, so there are unfortunately some dead ends. You can right-click to bring up the task again and you skip to the next one from there. The main data we're seeking from this is where people try to click when intending to complete a specific task, so the data is super-useful even if you get stuck and skip. Thanks for checking it out!

Eli - I'm wondering when the new feature from this post will be implemented? I really like the feature, and definitely need it in my life as advertised. Especially also if we can set due date reminders with it, for, say day of? :-)

Well, after this study is done, all we need to do is, uh, build it! We have some of the infrastructure needed to implement this feature, but depending on the final feature set there is a lot to be done! And other projects still queued up first. Stay tuned, and thanks for this suggestion of day of reminders!

Tried doing this, but for the third challenge the instructions never went away to let me click where I needed to. Any hints?

Mission 9 does not work. I can't click "Save Settings". I gave up, but I hope this is fixed in the near future.

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